Tuesday, January 5, 2010

CellMap and ChicWalks Vancouver Shopping iPhone App!

In partnership with ChicWalks.com and ConQuer Mobile, we launched ChicWalks Vancouver Shopping app on Dec. 17th, and had it approved from Apple within a week!

ChicWalks Vancouver Shopping app delivers 9 walks (including one of Whistler/Blackcomb), that offers GPS-based tours and over 1,000 shops that include fashion, jewelry, shoes, cosmetics, home decor, eating and drinking venues. The app is also loaded with relevant information, and features redeemable coupons from sponsor vendors that every discerning fashionista will find highly desirable.

Released just in time for the upcoming 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, ChicWalks Vancouver Shopping has received some impressive media coverage.

Watch the news story CTV News did, and read-up on what BCBusiness had to say about the app.

You can download the app directly from iTunes Store by following this link.

You can also see a demo of it on YouTube.

ChicWalks Vancouver Shopping was the first app developed using CellMap's CellTouch 1.0 platform.

Check-out ChicWalks.com directly, or for more in-depth coverage on ChickWalks.com, click here.

Happy New Year – and its going to be a good one!

First off, we at CellMap hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and are looking forward to 2010 with as much anticipation as we are!

2010 is lining-up to be an exciting year. Not only are we continuing with our partnerships with our '09 clients, but we are gearing-up to officially launch our pet project, CellTouch. We have been alluding to our CellTouch platform release all autumn long and are in the process of detailing the finishing touches to CellTouch 1.0.

CellTouch is our web-based iPhone app building platform. The CellTouch platform and its virtual iPhone simulator allows the user to drag and drop functional, customizable widgets into their would-be app. The user can build menus, info pages, add links, phone numbers, detailed map location markers, clickable web URLS, as well as upload customized photos and graphics, just to name a few.

Since CellTouch powered iPhone apps are built via web, it allows us to offer our clients the ability to access, change and update their app anytime, giving autonomy to the client, and useful realtime updates to the iPhone app users. It being a true app, it works while connected to a network or offline, saving app users potential roaming charges.

CellTouch's location marker abilities, easy-to-use customizable autonomous building features, and self-updating abilities make CellTouch the perfect iPhone app platform for any app which may be event, location, time and/or promotions based.

Stay tuned for our official launch announcement!