Monday, April 19, 2010

Another F5 Expo update!

Global TV:

Out of the dozens of products and services exhibited at F5 Expo on April 7, Global TV thought ChicWalks was a sexy technology contender and featured it prominently in their 6 o'clock news story with Angela, our developer from ConQuer Mobile! We were demoing our chic digital creation on the most fashionable of devices, the iPad. Enjoy our Global TV clip shot "bootleg-style!"

Novus TV: Angela Robert from ConQuer Mobile demos the ChicWalks app on the super stylish iPad!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

CellMap @ F5 Expo, Vancouver

Hello Everyone!

Some exciting news for us here at CellMap. As part of our ramp-up to getting the CellTouch platform out to the people, CellMap participated on Wednesday, April 7th in the F5 Expo, which was hosted here in Vancouver.

For those of you who are not familiar with the F5 Expo, it is a trade show meant to jump start businesses into “the know” on future trends within the online space. The event was packed with interactive exhibits, presentations, and seminars. There was also a lot of collaboration and idea sharing amongst the exhibitors and the crowds.

By noon, the convention centre was packed, and people that were interested in mobile app development seemed to be very receptive of our CellTouch Platform. On hand, we also had two brand new iPads that we used to show-off a couple of apps built with the CellTouch platform. Our iPads worked like a charm; they were interactive, ran the CellTouch apps flawlessly, and their larger screens helped when presenting to more than one person. They also turned-out to be the perfect lure to cast amidst the streams of tech-hungry attendees.

All in all, it was a good day, CelTouch was received well and with lots of energy. Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth, and to our online audience for your continued support. Keep checking back for news and updates.

Kathy seen here demoing ChicWalks Vancouver Shopping App, on the iPad.
ChicWalks Vancouver Shopping App, was produced by ConQuer Mobile, using the CellTouch Platform.