Thursday, October 8, 2009

CellMap and Canpages

As you may recall, CellMap has been working with Canpages for several months now. We are proud to announce our involvement with their speech driven iPhone app.

The Canpages App hit #1 on iTunes download list.

The Canpages app is a voice powered local business and residential search application for Canada. In addition to featuring voice search, it also offers: automatic 'nearby' search, maps and get directions, ability to save details to your contact list, live traffic cameras for travel info, reverse search by phone number, along with many other features.

Extremely convenient, practical, and it’s free! A must download from the iTunes Store.

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Cadieux et Langevin said...

Really a big help to a lot of people..We can have valuable information through our phones :) As a dentist I need this.